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Space Tourism

The practice of travelling into space for recreational purposes is known as Space Tourism. The space tourism industry is a important part of the tourism industry. The cost starts from US$250,000 and  range up to 10 Million Dollars. The US government released a set of proposed rules for space tourism in December 2005. It included screening procedures and training for emergency situation, but not health requirements.

Space Tourism

Different types of Space Tourism: Orbital, Sub-Orbital and Lunar Space Tourism.

Space Tourism Companies:



Renowned Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson (Richard Branson) is a British tycoon. Moreover 400 companies in various fields are controlled by Virgin Group which was found by Mr. Branson in 1970s. His space tourism company is known as Virgin Galactic. Richard Branson became the first spaceflight company founder to travel into space reaching the edge of space (54 Miles/86 Km) on a Virgin Galactic spacecraft called VSS Unity on 11th July 2021.